Running the Race – Part II

I originally had a dream I titled ‘Running the Race Avoiding Distractions’ in November 2014.  Link here:

A few months later, around January 2015 I had a second dream that was a continuation of the original dream.

In this dream I saw myself back in the race, I was running with all of my energy and I could see the race was almost over.  But I was so weary and exhausted in my mind I was thinking just how am I going to finish this race, I didn’t seem to have the energy, I was exhausted.  Just as I thought this a strong wind came and overtook me.  I felt this wind go through my entire body, my veins, my blood, it enveloped my lungs and I soon realized that this wind gave me strength.  I also realized that it was no longer me that was running!  I was running in the strength and power of this mighty wind.

I was so grateful, so amazed and utterly blessed that the wind came and took my body over at the precise time when I needed His might and power to finish the race.

I believe this wind shown in my dream that helped me finish the race is the Holy Spirit.  To God be the Glory.  Amen!


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