Furious and Strong Love

Over 20 years ago love came down from heaven visited me and stayed.  I remember the moment as if it were yesterday.  Powerful moments are like that, it stays ingrained in your soul.   It was evening and I was kneeling down at my bedside praying fervently to know Christ whom I read about in the bible.  “Lord, if you are real please reveal yourself to me” I prayed.  The next morning while attending a church service the fire of God baptized me while my eyes were closed.  I had simply been standing and praying with other believers when this occurred.  In only what can be described as a supernatural experience I saw in my mind the clouds open up and a bright ray of light pierce through the sky and zoom straight into my core being.  The feeling was so overwhelming, LOVE.  A love that I never knew or felt in my life.  That was the true love of God.  God is love, real, tangible, a fire, a rushing wind and all-consuming.  It was after that experience that I was able to hear the voice of the father through His word and the still small voice of the Holy Spirit.

Contrast God’s love in the form of Jesus Christ whom came down from heaven to die for us to what society sells us as love and there is no comparison.  Instead, the result of man’s best effort to love without God in a world of sin has given us broken relationships along with other societal issues.  Those that naturally should love and cherish you are oftentimes the ones that don’t.  Our closest relationships seem to inflict the most pain to our hearts …father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend.  I find it grievous that the majority of humanity does not know this supernatural love that is available.


True love from God enables us to love each other unconditionally the way we were intended to love. Instead relationships are now based on ulterior motives. Selfish pursuits and ones own materialistic desires or society expectations drives the selection …. he/she has a high paying career, is an actress, model, attorney, or any of those ‘titles’ that society holds in high esteem is a sought after criteria in pursuing a relationship.  Granted, if you are a Christian whom has been blessed in your career one has to be cognizant that being taken advantage of even from the most unassuming love interest can occur since deception abounds (2 Corinthians 11:14).

Our media and entertainment elevates the superficial and outward appearance as beauty and success, instead of the character of the heart and the fruit of the Spirit  (John 15:18  Galatians 5:22). Transparency in communication is viewed as a weakness when shown and authenticity is rare as a fine diamond.  Sadly the fakery and cold hearts is also in the church and amongst those whom call themselves Christians.  This cold love is indicative of the times we live in. Oh how it must break the father’s heart that our hearts grow cold and hardened mirroring unbelievers.

And because lawlessness will increase, the love of many people will grow cold. – Matthew 24:12

The hope we have is that there IS one love that will never leave us nor grow cold, it’s His Furious Love.  God wants to show us His true love and pour it into our souls if we just let Him in.

The below quote in its simplicity explains love in a relationship pretty well.  General assumptions being the relationship is a Godly one to begin with and both parties are equally yoked (believer’s in Christ, 2 Corinthians 6:14) .

Love isn’t something that causes everything in two people’s lives to all of a sudden become perfect. What makes love so powerful is the fact that it can help make a situation that isn’t at all perfect, a situation involving two imperfect people, and putting them together in a manner that perfectly supports them and in a manner that helps to encourage both parties to grow.

Many go through their relationships mistakenly thinking that everything should happen as they miraculously do in the movies, and end up dooming their relationships before these relationships are given a really good chance to start.

Don’t give in to the trials and tribulations that you will surely face in your relationships, remember that any relationship worth keeping is worth fighting for. Keep fighting for your love, because though love is not perfect, it is perfect in its imperfection.  Quote from – J. Johnson,  Search Quotes

I love this song ‘Furious’ by Jeremy Riddle, it’s a reminder of how strong and fierce God’s love is for us.   Thank you Jesus for giving us a love that is pure, all consuming and one that will never leave us.  1 Corinthians 13:1-8


Furious Lyrics by Jeremy Riddle

Album Furious: 2011

Nothing can tear us from
The grip of His mighty love
We’ve only glimpsed, His vast affection
Heard whispers of, His heart and passion
It’s pouring out…His love is deep, His love is wide
And it covers us
His love is fierce, His love is strong
It is furious
His love is sweet, His love is wild
And it’s waking hearts to life The Father loves and sends His son
The Son lays down His life for all
He lavishes His love upon us
He calls us now, His sons and daughters
He’s reaching out…… and its waking hearts to life
He is waking hearts to life
He is waking hearts to life


  1. This is SO Awesome! My experience was much like yours, I was spending a lot of time with my Great Grandmother and she did not talk about Jesus in a straight forward conversation to me, but she lived in HIS PRESENCE a lot! I did not know until she passed on to be with HIM that I enjoyed HIS lingering PRESENCE by just being with them as she prayed silently but sang openly as she did her daily living. After several months of grieving, I knew that what I was feeling was more than her leaving me, it was the ONE she spent her time most with, but how was I going to get to HIM now,without her taking me there as she went in prayer to HIM? I went to a place at the foot of the mountain where we lived that has a running stream of water and a tree that had fell from being struck by lightning and now had moss growing on it and this made a chair in this nature setting, I cried out loud hoping HE would somehow hear me? GOD, I don’t know if you can hear me or if this was YOU my Grand Mother Grace has been talking to, but if you can hear me, I want what she had with YOU! I will give you anything that I have, I just have to have what she had? I cannot go on without YOU! Within moments, there was a still small breeze that came through and it moved the overhead tree branches and a stream of sunlight came blazing in on me where I was seated and what I had felt before was now here with me and seemed to be even more awesome than ever! I have never regretted my search for HIM and HE has been my everything ever since that day! This was 45 years ago, and just as you so eloquently said it ” love came down from heaven visited me and stayed. I remember the moment as if it were yesterday. Powerful moments are like that, it stays ingrained in your soul.”


  2. Thank you dear sister for your kind words. 🙂 I love your testimony it has blessed me. And what an amazing great grandmother you had to have sat at the foot of Christ and sought His presence. Isn’t the Lord awesome! He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is alive and his power and love is real. Have a blessed day! – Lucy


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