Warning of another holocaust? Dream

Dream, evening of June 4, 2014  In June, while on vacation, the Lord gave me this very visual dream. I saw myself flying over the earth with an angel flying beside me.  While in flight I looked down below and saw the oceans which were stormy with dark ominous skies lingering overhead.  The ocean waves were at least 30-40 feet high.  These large waves were approaching the shore very quickly.  Further ahead I saw a very high beam of dirt that was onshore, approximately 150 feet. As my eyes zoomed in for a closer look at the beam of dirt what I saw horrified me.  The wall of dirt had human bodies embedded within.  I saw human heads and what my spirit told me were the souls of many people all trapped within this high dirt wall.  The heads and bodies were layered upon one another.  It was a very disturbing scene. This photo taken from Poland, most likely from the Lodz Ghetto is the closest representation to what I saw in my dream.  However, in my dream the mountain of bodies were much higher. dead bodiesPhoto from:  yadvashem.org It was obvious to me that soon the high waves would overtake the beam of mud embedded with these bodies.  It was as if this mud beam was there as either a monument to a first wave, which I perceived to be a past historical incident that occurred.  Not sure why I felt that way but it seemed to me as if it were a marker of some sort. Looking past the beam of bodies I saw houses.  Inside each house it was dark as if the lights were out.  But scattered amongst the neighborhood were small camp fires with a few people seated outside. This was the only light that one could see for miles, the rest of the city and neighborhoods were dark.  The angel then took me to land beside one of these campfires.  As we landed someone seated at the campfire asked me, “Who are you?”.   I replied, “I have come to warn you and I have been appointed to pray.”  All of a sudden I heard a loud voice from the sky, a thundering voice which I knew to be the voice of the Lord.  He then said the name of the city out loud that I was to pray for (omitting here).   In my spirit I thought to myself, Ok, Lord, so I am to pray for this city and the remnant of people whom remain, those with the light and those in darkness in this city. I then sensed something really bad that was coming, a darkness and evil that was intense that would extract human lives.  I don’t recall what it was exactly.  But I woke up shouting someones name whom I knew was in danger.  My son then woke me up, “Mom, Mom”, wake up, what’s wrong?  Unafraid but startled that I had said the name of the person and the city I woke up. End of Dream Thoughts – Today is November 3, 2014 and I felt compelled to publish this dream because I realized today that the name of the city is one that I now have been reconnected to by means of social media.  In June when I had the dream I had not been in contact with friends out of this particular city.  Coincidence?  No, absolutely not, there is no coincidence for a child of God. In respect to the mountain of dead bodies and souls I saw in that beam of dirt I am still unclear what that symbolizes, literal or figurative?  Perhaps it’s a historical marker of the Jewish Holocaust?  I’m uncertain and so the title of the dream is “Warning of Another Holocaust?”  One thing I am certain of as conveyed to me in my Spirit is that something very dreadful is coming to the shores of Southern California which will result in many lives lost and souls that will perish.  Therefore, I know the Lord has shown me by way of this dream that I need to pray and intercede for this city.

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