Running the Race and Avoiding distractions – Dream

woman-running-race-mdnTherefore I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.

 1 Corinthians 9:26

I had an amazing dream from the Lord the evening of Sunday, November 2, 2014.

This short dream was rather simple.  In this dream I saw a big race with many people running.  Similarly to a marathon or 10k, both men and women competed.  I saw myself in this race running with the intent to finish, as is the case with all races I suppose, but this wasn’t about time.  The people who were running were doing so at various intensities, some faster, some slower.  Scattered in the race I saw that there were some people that were not running but were just distractions.  As I ran I saw a few distractions that tried to slow me down or get me off course.  One of the distractions I saw was a guy dressed in a pink outfit, it appeared as though his shirt or shorts were pink (I have no idea on the significance of the color pink, if any at all).  I just ran around him but he wanted to talk. It seemed to me that there were other distractions planted in the race, not just for me but for the other runners as well. These ‘distractions’ were people that were not in the race, but in the path of it.

As I ran I quickly glanced around to see if I saw anyone that I knew also running.  I looked behind me for a few seconds and I saw a Christian friend, ‘Bck’, whom was running behind me about 20 feet.  I kept running without slowing down.  End of Dream


As I pondered the simplicity yet deep truths of this dream a few things came to my mind. The race is the race for Christians, followers of Christ.  Those that do not know the Lord by having a personal relationship with Christ are not in the race.  Ephesians 4:18, Proverbs 24:20, Philippians 3:18-19

The dream is a reminder of the calling and perseverance needed by all believers in Christ to finish his/her race and avoid distractions that come across our path that may seek to cause us to stumble or keep us off course.  Each runner runs by his own accord, his two feet and faith keeping them moving.

Since our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit it is the power of the Spirit and His leading in our lives that allows us to complete the race well, by HIS pacing and timing.  For we all will die one day and our ‘race’ will be over when the Lord calls us home.  I Praise God for this dream, it has been such an encouragement for me as I know I run this faith race of life with purpose and a vision, not aimlessly.  To God be the glory.

A fantastic detailed bible study that expounds upon the teaching on running the race can be found here:

Therefore, having so vast a cloud of witnesses surrounding us, and throwing off everything that hinders us and especially the sin that so easily entangles us, let us keep running with endurance the race set before us. – Hebrews 12:1


  1. That was an amazing dream and something i really needed to here right now at this moment in my life with too many distractions keeping me from finishing the race.
    Thanks for sharing that God bless you!


  2. Glad this has blessed you Bill ! Events, people and even things can become a distraction in our walk with the Lord, taking our eyes off of the prize. Not so say that we shouldn’t help others along our journey, we should as the Lord leads. Along the race we learn, we grow and we become stronger if we rely on His Spirit to empower us. Have a blessed day.


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