Missiles Coming down on U.S.A.

I had this spiritual dream the very next night after Christmas, December 26, 2013 between 4 and 6 a.m.
I dreamed I saw missiles raining down on the U.S. I saw people looking up at the sky and it was apparent that the U.S. was being attacked with missiles.  A couple of missiles were sent up to stop a few huge missiles and the people on the ground were cheering thinking and hoping that the missiles that the U.S. was sending to counter the missiles being shot at us would stop the incoming missiles.  But the counter strike was not a success and the missiles came down.
Right after that I then saw so many dead bodies, hundreds and hundreds I could not count.  It was horrible, so much death.  Then I saw people leaving the cities and going into the rural areas such as farms.  People were hiding in the dirt, sleeping in the dirt and barn.  I remember I saw myself amongst some of the people who had escaped the missiles path of destruction.  In the dream there was a shortage of food.  People were looking for food and having a hard time finding it.  This was one of the reasons the people were leaving the city and walking many miles to farms.  I remember in the dream that families were split up.  Many families were looking for one another.

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