Hoardes to Descend

I had this vision on March 5, 2013.  This is a warning of what is coming.

I lay on my bed with eyes closed, awake and before me I saw a scene unfold. I looked and in the heaven night skies I saw a vast hoard of what looked like men, but they were all clothed in black capes with black masks.  They were sitting upon big black horses.  It appeared as if they were wielding swords in their hands and there was a great battle taking place in the heavenlies.
I saw some resistance but that resistance gave way and this great hoard of black masked beings, an unimaginable amount, more than what my eyes could count, came galloping from the higher heavens to earth!  I saw them getting closer and closer to the earth, they were charging full speed ahead.  My mind and spirit were telling me that they will soon be here, to earth.  My spirit discerned immediately, the blood of Jesus, the blood of Jesus.  Cry out and plead the blood of Jesus.  I said to myself, they are coming, they will be here very soon.  The only protection those on earth have is the blood of Jesus.
I opened my eyes but the vision continued where it left off.  For the first time in a very long time I sensed a terror feeling within.  My spirit man sensed that what this black legion of black beings were bringing to this earth was unimaginable, incomprehensible, an evil, a terror so awful, greater than one could imagine.  This is what was coming to the earth, unleashed upon the inhabitants.
My spirit man was telling me, it is only the blood of Jesus that you need now so that this darkness, this black hoard of evil can pass over.  As I lay in bed seeing them come to earth I prayed to the Lord Jesus Christ, dear Lord, I plead the blood of Jesus, let them pass over me, by your blood Lord Jesus.
In closing –  I have no words to people to adequately say those feelings, of what my spirit was sensing was coming, there are no words really.  But I tried to explain and share the best I can of what I saw in the vision, what was conveyed to me.  Pray for yourself and your family and friends, that they will know Jesus the Christ and that the blood of Jesus will protect you and your family.  A great devastation, a black evil has been released.  It will be here soon.
black horse with scales

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