Call 911 – Jerusalem Surrounded

I had this spiritual dream on Friday, January 25, 2013

I dreamed that my son got sick from eating too many old cookies specifically from the year 1995.  I heard in my spirit, Call 911, Call 911 !!   I called 911 and the hospital nurse told me to bring him in.  So I packed our belongings and we walked to the hospital.  In my spirit I knew that the hospital was Benjamin Netanyahu’s home.  The hospital, was shaped in a gold dome, there were no windows.  I saw light emanating from this golden dome.  I saw that the hospital was set in a desert land.  As we approached the dome I saw Benjamin Netanyahu waiting for us.  I looked behind me and I saw soldier’s on the road, they were getting close to the dome, quickly approaching under cover of night.

A few months after I had this dream I saw a photo of the dome of the rock.  It occurred to me that the dome of the rock is exactly the hospital , which I knew as Benjamin Netanyahu’s home in my dream!




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