Asteroids and Wounded Man

I had two dreams on September 8, 2013
I saw small meteors or asteroids, not sure what the difference is between them, but I think it is asteroids.  Anyhow, these small asteroids had hit the earth but in a remote island somewhere.  People didn’t realize the asteroid had hit until some time later as they were small, but quite a few of them.  When the asteroids hit it caused some small fires and burning.  I then saw some more fire coming up out of the ground, it looked like hot lava.
Man wounded / War, lost soul
I saw a man who had been wounded, appears to have been a war, he was hit with something and taken away on a stretcher.  This man was a middle eastern man.  He was loved a lot by the Lord, that’s what was conveyed to my spirit, but he did not know the Lord.  The Lord impressed upon me to pray.  –  Upon waking I feel that I have to pray for the people of Syria, Middle East, still they do not know Him, but he loves them and wants them to turn to him.

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