Explosions in Los Angeles

I had this prophetic dream in the 3rd or 4th week of July 2009.  In looking back at my dream journals I realized I had not posted it here.  So here it goes:

I saw myself back in Los Angeles and I looked north of me and I saw that a big explosion went off that emitted a cloud of billowy smoke and fire into the air. People were screaming and in a panic. A gust of wind carried fire into the sky and I could see fire just igniting the skies. Then I saw a multitude of people jump into the ocean and nearby beaches to try and escape the fires in the air. I saw many people burn as they tried to escape.

Just then another explosion went off in what appeared to be just a few miles from the first explosion. At this point there was widespread panic and nowhere for anyone to run to. I then woke up very grieved for the people and the city.

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