The Escape

Dream last night –  Monday, August 16, 2010

I was out in a public area, along with many others.  I do not recall whom they were, only that I knew them, so acquaintances perhaps.  The public area had different levels, similar to what you see in a mall that has many different floors overlooking the center of the mall down below.

As I was standing with this group of people, we were talking.  All of a sudden someone from the group pointed out a figure in the distance that was looking at us.  I quickly looked to see this person, actually someone I knew in the real world, outside the dream.  Her name was Susan (not real name), someone whom I had known from years ago.

Susan actually did not look like the Susan I knew.  Somewhat yes, in appearance.  But it was a different person inside of Susan.  This being inside of Susan was contorting her body, she was shaking like a wild-eyed rag doll, her head was spinning in a circle and worst of all she was screaming with an intense hatred and rage it made me shake inside, quivering in my boots.

We all were in shock when we saw her and the feeling was that everyone instinctively knew she had her eyes set on us, our group, and was coming after us with vengeance and a steely determination to destroy us, this I was sure of.

For just a moment I stood frozen, just a split second.  This Susan entity then started running, subhuman like, with a speed so quick, faster than a deer.  This Susan thing had to run through different levels to get to where we were but she would be there in seconds.  My heart was pounding, I was scared.

As I stood there I realized that the only way to escape this Susan thing’s grasp was to just leap, and leap I did. I jumped over the rails, over the levels of floors that separated the group from this Susan thing, and as I leapt I started flying.  I flew high above and away from Susan as she quickly approached the group.  The rest of the group was behind.  But I continued flying.  I realized when I jumped, my thinking was that I knew that there was no other way.  To stay put meant death, to survive meant I had to just leap.

I woke up with my heart pounding so fast, hearing the cries, the screams of this thing that was running.  It felt so real, that this Susan thing was searching, looking and was trying to find me, yet I had escaped its grasp.  Praise God.

I’m still waiting and praying to the Lord on the interpretation.  The Holy Spirit led me to this scripture as I was posting this.

“Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles” (Isaiah 40:31).

In Christ,



  1. That Susan entity reminds me of that Kundalini thingy — there’s that female evangelist whose head shakes — that’s what I’m reminded of.

    What stands out to me are 2 things: the levels of the place where you are and you said to stay put meant death — to survive you had to leap — you had to move higher.

    You and the group seemed to be peaceful where you were — all was well. And then that attack from that weird spirit that has strength and power.

    We can’t remain stagnant — we must renew our spirit and strength constantly by and through the Holy Spirit. It looks like the group you were in were likely overcome — they were left behind you. It is common sense or perhaps spiritually sensed that you run like heck when you see something like Susan approaching — they saw it but they didn’t move.


  2. Robin,
    Interesting you brought up Kundalini, I have read much about that lately and how it has seeped into the churches, a very deceptive and evil false spirit indeed. I do see now that you mention it that indeed the Susan entity is similar to the kundalini possessed people.

    Agree on the levels and how that is symbolic with moving up higher! Amen and Amen ! Thank you very much for sharing your discernment and interpretation, it does resonate within my spirit. God bless you!

    In Christ,


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