No Time to Say Goodbye

Dream on 2/7/2010

Last night I dreamed that I was working, answering calls, typing emails and doing what I do while working from home in my home office.  As is usual my day was fast paced and hectic.  All of a sudden I felt the thoughts impressed upon my mind, hurry up, finish up.  It was time for me to go.

As these thoughts entered my mind, communicating with me, it was clear it was not my thoughts.  Time to go.  No, I am not ready yet.  Already?  I felt like I had to pack my bags.  But the voice, which were really mental to mental communication was urging me, no, I was going now, no bags needed.

I knew in my heart I was leaving my life as I knew it and this earth.  But will I die?  No direct answer came, only in my heart and mind the thought impressed to me, not the death as you think.  I wasn’t afraid.

Again my thoughts raced through my head, but wait, there was no time to say goodbye!   I had to leave everything behind, my work and loved ones.  My heart was sad that it happened so quickly.  It was an ordinary day and I had to leave.

~ End of Dream ~

I told my son about my dream.  What do you think it means?  Well, you know the bible says in a twinkling of an eye.  I think it means the rapture is going to happen soon.  Then he asked me, was I in your dream mom?  No, I did not see you, nor did I really see anyone, no faces, no names.  Well, I am sure I was in school then he replied.


  1. Were these thoughts from the Lord?

    Where were you supposed to be going?

    How were you supposed to get there?

    Also, when you mentioned “ordinary day”, and that “it happened so quickly”, it reminded me of 9/11.


  2. Hi Robin, Yes, I believe the thoughts were from the Lord as he can communicate mind to mind, spirit to spirit. Hurry up, finish up, was what was communicated to me. I then responded in my mind. The thought of no time to say goodbye, that part was me.

    As far as where I was going, I wasn’t sure, I just knew it was leaving the life as I knew it. Personally, I believe it was about how when the Lord comes it will be as an ordinary day. About the 9/11 comparison with ‘ordinary day’, very good observation! I hadn’t thought about that. But you are absolutely right on.

    Thank you for reading and sharing. God bless you. 🙂


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