Drowning in the storm

I’ve moved a few months ago and haven’t had the opportunity to post my dreams since then.   I’m finally catching up with my writings.

Dream on Oct. 12, 2009

I saw myself standing on the shore by the beach. A massive tsunami like tidal wave had just passed and the water had retreated back, yet it was still stormy and tempest, tossing to and fro.

It was night time and there was very little light, just a faint glow of the moon that reflected off of the water. There were a few others with me looking out at the ocean. It was then that I peered into the dark ocean and to my shock and horror I saw faces of people I knew. Some had their eyes wide open. I walked into the ocean to waist deep. Although the waves of the ocean were still high roaring beside me I wasn’t frightened by the ocean or its waves. What was foremost on my mind was seeing that so many people were in the water, drowning! I could not understand why they couldn’t pull themselves out of the water. Then I realized that many had drowned and were dead, somehow they got caught up in the storm that had just passed as they had been swept out to sea.

I searched the water frantically looking for anyone that may still be alive. I dove under the water trying to grab someone and pull them to the surface of the water before they sunk deeper into the murky waters. I pulled someone out of the water and laid them on the sand to revive them. I saw another person next to me working, he/she also had pulled someone from the deep water and was attempting mouth to mouth resuscitation.

I felt overwhelmed and deeply saddened at what lay in front of me. There were too many people drowning in the ocean, sinking deeper and deeper into the dark ocean waters that could not be saved. Some were passed being rescued. For the most part it appeared to me that there weren’t enough people on the shore to help. I woke up upset and saddened that so many had drowned.

“Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. – Matthew 7:12-14


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