Dream Interpreation on desert dream

I finally have real internet access after being on a trip the last few days and relying entirely on my Blackberry.  Anyhow, last week was very interesting.

Suffice to say, in my haste to pack and leave I posted quickly the last two posts so as not to forget them with intent to edit and clarify upon my return.  So here I am with the dream interpretation of what I will call the desert dream.  It was funny how the interpretation came about.   I was sharing some of my prophetic dreams with a sister in the Lord and I mentioned to her the dream my son had, which I told her I did not have the interpretation for yet.

Rather quickly she provided the interpretation and it completely rang true with my spirit.  Thank you “D”!   🙂

Interpretation on Going to the Desert

The pastors represented the Word of God, proclaiming the word of God, sharing the word.  Fleeing to the desert showed that once the word of God is removed, such as being banned, or difficulty in preaching the word, then their will be a ‘desert’ of the word of God, of the things of God.  It will be as a parched dry land.  Whereas the Holy Spirit is seen as streams of living water, the desert was the dryness, the barrenness ahead of the word of God.  Also, from a literal standpoint, it doesn’t rule out that pastors may be arrested as well, as by doing so would also eliminate the sharing of the gospel, hence the elimination of the word of God.

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