Violence in the Middle East

Dream in the evening of June 11, 2009

I had gone over to my brother’s house for a visit.  We were watching television when all of a sudden we saw fighting break out. The news was broadcasting it live.  I knew the fighting was taking place in the Middle East.  The screen was flashing scenes of terrible killings, it was Middle Eastern against Middle Eastern.  I could tell this by the clothes they were wearing.  They were taking people hostages (arrested?).  I was horrified and sick to my stomach by what I was witnessing.  My brother was also watching, but sat in silence, as if stunned.

So I changed the television station only to find out that channel after channel was broadcasting this event.  The event was huge and being broadcast on every single channel (global known event) whether it was a news channel or not (other media, internet, etc).  It appeared that the battle was taking place on the streets, everyone was on foot, they also had knives (hand held weapons in their hands,  knives, sticks, batons, etc.)  and they were beating one another.  Bodies were dragged through the streets.   I then woke up.

Note: Updates have been made for clarification (see parenthesis).  I have no doubt this dream was prophetic of the Iranian violence happening due to the disputed presidential vote in Iran, brother against brother,  different ideologies, same country.   The violence started on June 13.  I had this dream on June 11.  This reminds me of the time when we had the Los Angeles riots.  The evening while the riots were breaking out the Lord gave me a dream of it happening, I was in another state in a different time zone.  When I woke up I knew I had a spiritual dream and turned on the television to have it confirmed, Los Angeles was on fire and people were running around the city in my dream.

Similar to what I saw in this Middle East dream, people were running in the streets.  Initial reaction when I woke up was thinking it was some sort of battle, but I saw it as isolated.

With that said, let us all pray for the Iranian’s and that the protesters cries for freedom will be heard.  Iran’s population majority are those 30 and under, they also are crying out for change, the freedom to pray, vote, and live.  I pray that the Lord will hear their cries and the work of the Holy Spirit that has been spreading in Iran will continue.  Amen

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  1. This seems very timely….almost like what we have seeing in the streets of Iran this week. Perhaps this will turn into a more widespread uprising. The people there seem very discontent with their leadership and they feel the recent elections there were corrupt. Time will tell………


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