A New Planet Seen in the Sky

Dream in the early morning – June 7, 2009

I had just finished a  thought provoking time in my devotions.  I had alot of questions stirring in my mind, about faith, about the future.  I raised all of my concerns to the Lord.  I then fell asleep, it was Saturday night (early Sunday morning).

My dream –

I was going about my day, along with others walking around, it seemed as if it was a nice weekend.  All of a sudden people everywhere stopped and pointed up to the sky.  I looked up to the sky to see what was it that was causing people to stop and stare.  I was speechless at what I saw.  Floating in space, coming down from heaven was the most amazing planet I had ever seen in my life.  It was bright, colors that were sparkling, like a gemstone swirled in white, blue and black and colors that I could not really comprehend or make out.  It was brilliant.

Everyone stopped in their tracks in utter amazement.  There was no fear just absolute inquisitiveness as to what we were seeing.  As I stared at this planet the thought occurred to me, why this looks just like earth, but how could it be earth if I am on earth right now?  It looked like a planet coming from space visible to everyone.

solar eclipse_Thailand2010

Just then it appeared as if an eclipse was coming.  I could not understand the eclipse really, or if it was happening to our earth or the moon.  Only that the eclipse started happening, a full eclipse, we all could see it in the sky.  Yet I could not understand if it was our moon or planet having the eclipse.  The new planet then went out of our sight.  My feeling was that the eclipse seemed to perhaps happen first and then later the other new planet became visible.

When I woke up it was difficult to remember exactly what I saw first, the new planet or the eclipse.   The eclipse was significant.

In Christ,






One comment

  1. By the way, for any that are interested, here is an informative link from NASA that shows a list of upcoming eclipses:


    I know from my dream that it was a major eclipse that made the sky dark and blotted out the sun. Now what caused it?… And when will it happen? .. I am not exactly certain, but there are a few possibilities as mentioned in the previous comments. Thank you!

    God bless


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