Rulers Past and Future – Trail of Tears

Dream on October 27, 2008   4:00 a.m.

I originally named this dream, through the ages of the leaders.  However, upon re-examining it I have renamed it to be more in tune to the dream’s meaning and context.

Rulers Past and Future – Trail of Tears

I was awakened abruptly at around 4:00 a.m. this morning after having experienced an awful spiritual dream.

My son and I were in a room, which somewhat looked like a home office or a warehouse. It was difficult to really see the details of what was inside the room except for something that totally stood out. My son saw a small little mantle, it was about 2 feet from the ground. He called me over to look. I kneeled down to see what he was looking at. It appeared to be little figurines, idols and some other personal memento’s belonging to someone. There rested some sort of dark figures that I could not distinguish. My son asked me, ‘mom what is this’. I then looked a little to the side of the room and I saw a man standing in the shadows. It was then that I realized that these were the ‘toys’ or figurines that belonged to this man. He appeared to be in some sort of uniform, like a military outfit. By his posture and how he looked I could tell he was a high level leader. I know he was foreign, but from where I could not tell. He seemed to get a little closer to my son and I. Again, I could not see his face due to the dim light in the room but was only able to make out his silhouette.

My son looked at him and so gulibly looked up at the man and asked, ‘Why are you in the dark?’, ‘Do you like being in the dark?’. The man didn’t answer. But an ominous feeling came over me as if we shouldn’t be there, yet at the same time I wanted to know what was on this mantle (little hedge). There was a little table with a small lamp right by the mantle. I told my son, ‘Let me turn on the light so we can see’. I turned on the light switch to the lamp and there was no light. In fact there was no light bulb at all in the lamp.

Just then I was no longer in that room. I saw myself back in my bed as if I were asleep, yet I was not, I was wide awake in the spirit. I then looked up and in the sky I saw clouds that started moving apart. White clouds, started moving quickly, all swirling around. In my spirit I knew I was going to see a vision of some sort.

Then a very loud voice started speaking. I don’t recall at all the details about exactly what was being said. But the voice was so loud and so real it was as if he was speaking in the middle of the bedroom. As this voice was speaking I was being shown black and white pictures with a little color of what appeared to be leaders from a long time ago, through all of the ages. As each leader was displayed in front of me the voice would speak out loudly about that person, what he did. I felt as if this voice was saying about what that leader’s place was in history. At first I only recognized one leader from the entire group of leaders that were shown to me in the vision.

In my mind I questioned, why am I being shown this? Of the leaders that were shown to me I recognized the communist leader from North Korea, Kim Jong II. I don’t know why but he stood out to me. I sensed in my spirit that all the leaders I was seeing somewhere were oppressive and had done persecutions of some sort. This voice I heard was stern and loud but spoke in a clear voice.

I felt a sense that they had done harm. However, this voice in the vision was firm and loud, bold. The voice really shook me up and caused me to pay attention. I struggled to try to see more clearly who these men were. It appeared that maybe 10 or so men were passed before my eyes. Then towards the end I saw a picture of Obama flash before me, the voice spoke about him. When I saw Obama’s picture I was shocked and startled. My initial reaction was, ‘What is he doing in this?’ How is he related to this?’ Right after the last image my dream ended.

Soon afterwards I felt some sort of darkness try to descend upon me as if to counter what had just been revealed to me. I then shouted out loud several times, “At the name of Jesus let every knee bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”.   Just then all power of the darkness fled.

Final thoughts

What role Obama played in all of this baffled me a bit. But the mood and manner it was shown did not convey a good feeling but one of dread.   I wish I remembered exactly the words the Lord was saying, but part of me thinks I wasn’t meant to hear those details. I felt as if I were watching a real movie slide show of what they had done.  However, my spirit sensed the darkness of their hearts and actions.  I believe that the leader I saw with my son as he was looking at that mantle was one of the leaders shown. My impression was that this man was an Asian man, the man who had the idols and mantle, he had the spirit of the Anti-Christ, that was the common theme throughout and behind they left a trail of tears and sorrow.







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