Concentration Camp on the Mountain

Dream on 12/13/98

I dreamed I was in a horse-drawn carriage with a group of people I did not know. We were riding up a mountain on a rocky dirt road. When we reached the very top of the mountain there was an enormous, recently built pristine white building. We got out of the carriage to view the magnificent building. I noticed there were other people in carriages who also were at the top of the mountain to see the building and get a tour. The building had glass windows all around and sprockets protruded out of the ceiling. Guarding the building were men dressed in military uniforms. Their uniforms were a dark color. Some wore military hats, as if they were generals. They did not allow us to enter the building. The building looked like a state of the art concentration camp and it gave me the chills just looking at it.

The driver of the wagon that I rode up the mountain with started mocking the soldiers telling them that concentration camps were from long ago and they had no business building concentration camps today. He and the other people in our group continued mocking the soldiers. But the soldiers said nothing. They only looked at us sternly then told us to leave (the soldiers appeared to be speaking a foreign language, they didn’t appear to be Americans). The other people who were at the top of the mountain were also told to leave even though they did not provoke them.

I climbed aboard the carriage. With me was my 9 month old son. As we descended the mountain I noticed that the road was extremely rocky and dangerous. The driver and the passengers were angry with the military men for building such a site and thought the concentration camp was a prank. They grumbled to one another as we rode down the mountain. About halfway down the mountain we were overtaken by the same soldiers we saw earlier. This time they were on horses and they had guns. I knew something bad was about to happen. The leader of the soldiers ordered the wagon to stop and told the driver to step down from the carriage. He instructed the driver to wrap himself up in a white sheet. He couldn’t do it himself, so others in the carriage were told to help him. The driver was scared and started crying. Then the soldiers started firing their weapons at him and killed him. They then asked each person in the wagon to step down one by one. No one spoke but there was fear on everyone’s faces. They couldn’t believe that this was happening. Instinctively, I knew that their plan was to take the rest of the people up to the mountain to the concentration camp.

I remained in the carriage and could see all of this going on. Miraculously, as I looked in the wagon for somewhere to hide my son, Ben (Benjamin Eli), I found a secret compartment on the floor of the wagon. It was a secret door. I opened it and thought this is only big enough to fit Ben. But when I placed Ben in the compartment I realized that I could also fit even though it was a small space. So Ben and I layed down in the compartment. No one saw us because they were so distracted with what was happening outside the wagon.

In the hiding place I could hear the leader of the soldiers asking if there was anyone else. Just then a lady spoke up, she said there is both a Jew and a Christian. She said that the baby is both a Jew and a Christian and the mother is a Christian. I don’t know how she knew that because I never spoke to her. I was so scared that they would find me as they searched the wagon, but they did not. I then woke up to the sound of my son crying for his evening bottle.

After I gave my son his bottle I fell back asleep, disturbed about the dream. I asked Jesus, “Why couldn’t I have gotten into a different carriage?”, “One that did not have a belligerent man who gets the attention of the soldiers.” Amazingly, I found myself back in my dream in the same place, in the secret compartment of the wagon with my son! In the hiding place I was able to see what was happening outside and beyond the wagon. It was like a dream within a dream. I was shown that there were 3 roads. The carriage that I was on took the hardest, most dangerous road. There were 2 other roads that were taken by the 2 other carriages that were atop of the hill. One road was the medium road. I was shown that the people in that carriage encountered the military men and some rough terrain on the way down the mountain, were questioned, but were allowed to continue on down the road. The last road was the easy road. I saw two people that I recognized sitting in the driver and passenger side! The driver, to my amazement was the former student body president of my college (he graduated 2 semesters ago). He had been a very popular, charismatic, articulate student. The passenger, was a college professor of mine. This professor is well known for his extra-marital affairs with the college girls at school. He is rather liberal in his morality however, well liked. The wagon that they were on did not encounter any problems with the military men. In fact they had a smooth road and they traveled fast, totally oblivious to any meaning of the concentration camp they just encountered at the top of the hill. I woke up.

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